Come cheer on your favorite team in this year’s Round Robin tourney (team captains, these are in your email in-boxes!!)

8 am-Dusty Harvey‘s team vs. Team Boss (Pat Åndera)
8 am-Kick this Goodbye (Kim Wendt Kysely vs. Mark’s Royal Flushes (Mark Engelke)

9 am-Balls and Dolls (Jennifer Uhlman, Jason Uhlman) vs. A Frickin’ Good Time (Brett Timmerman)
9 am-Big Daddy’s Lil’ Mamas (Chris Topel) vs. Team Boss

10 am-Mark’s Royal Flushes vs. Blaine‘s team
10 am-Kickin’ Cousins (Emily Blackbourn) vs. Balls and Dolls

11 am-Dusty’s team vs. Big Daddy’s Lil Mamas
11 am-Kick this Goodbye vs. Blaine’s team

1:30 pm-Kickin’ Cousins vs. A Frickin’ Good Time

Download the full 2016 Bracket

The round robin tournament has been set – see attached tournament sheet for your information.  Other info as follows:

Ø  All games will be 7 innings in length

Ø  Home team for every game will be determined by coin flip

Ø  Tournament rules as also attached.

Ø  Players are only eligible to play on 1 team